TMI movie news.


Deadline announces the new director for The Mortal Instruments, and, for those who were worrying that Lily Collins was picking up too many new roles to manage Clary, she is locked down for the August 15th shooting date I mentioned earlier. “Principal photography is expected to begin August 15th in Toronto.” *

I don’t have a release date — two different release dates were mentioned to me when I was in LA, but I don’t know which will eventually be final: it depends on which distributor Constantin goes with. Release date is the last piece of info you get before a green light — it means a studio has literally blocked a time for your film. It is legit exciting news when it happens, so keep your fingers crossed.

[Jamie’s not mentioned in the article, but he’s still attached to the project — it’s just an article about Lily and Harald, and now that all the i’s and t’s are crossed and dotted with Lily they’re probably doing the same with Jamie in terms of blocking his time. My speculation there, though.]

*They’re filming in New York too.